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Eyelash Case - Different Colour Lid and Base

Eyelash Case - Different Colour Lid and Base


This is a customizable case for storing false eyelashes, with different colours/options of lid and base. Please choose from the options, below.


Tips for achieving the best results:

  • Choose two resin colours. You should choose clear for one of the colours if you want to include chameleon flakes or foil flakes.
  • Choose whether you want chunky glitter.
  • If you chose clear resin, choose chameleon flakes, or foil flakes, as desired, for inclusion in the clear resin only.


Email which colour of resin you want on the lid and what colour you want on the base to



  • 4" diameter
  • About Resin

    Resin is light weight and break resistant. Cutting with sharp knives may leave marks. Avoid direct contact with flame or extreme heat. Not for human consumption.

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