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Meet New Moulds: 11" Round Platter

she will give you her heart on a silver platter once you prove yours is made of gold
Joseph Colombrita

The 11" Round Platter

This platter is a circle, with a diameter of 11" and a height of 3/8". Each one is my own design and contains decorative elements that make every platter unique. Customization is available upon request. Perfect for yourself, or as a gift for someone special, these platters are decorative enough to be displayed on their own, but also work as a functional item.

One Idea for Use

Any of these beautifully decorated round platters could be used as vanity trays, and would look fabulous acting as a catch-all for jewelry and other small items on your dresser or vanity table!

Another Idea for Use

These round platters are also the perfect size to be used as a serving platter for drinks and snacks!

Two-Sided Platters

Some of the platters have the added benefit of having two good sides, and can be used with either side facing up! The two photos, below, show the two different sides of a galaxy motif platter. Use whichever side you prefer, or switch it up and alternate which side is showing.

Let's Chat

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