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Steps for Customizing an Item

Steps for Customizing an Item

  • Pick an item with a "To Customize" ribbon on the product listing

  • Choose from the available customizing options (not all options are available for all items):

    • Resin Colour - Mica powders are used, which all have a pearly lustre; some of the powders are also chameleon (colour shifting - note that the names can be a little misleading, with some referring to the base colour and some to the colour shift) Note: the resin itself is shiny, too, and I go to great lengths to avoid as much glare as possible when taking product photographs

    • Chunky Glitter - Contains both small- and large-sized holographic glitter

    • Chameleon Flakes - Smaller, shiny, colour shifting flakes; used in clear resin

    • Foil Flakes - Larger, shiny, flakes that don't colour shift; used in clear resin

    • Dried Flowers - Used in clear resin

    • Glow in the Dark Pigment - Used in white resin

    • Findings - Gold and silver are available for items that require such things as clasps, chains, and hooks

  • Choose one resin colour (or two if applicable). You should choose clear for the colour if you want to include chameleon flakes, foil flakes, or dried flowers. You should choose white if you want to include glow in the dark pigment.

  • Choose whether you want chunky glitter.

  • If you chose clear resin, choose chameleon flakes, foil flakes, or dried flowers, as desired and when applicable.

  • If you chose white resin, choose glow in the dark pigment, as desired and when applicable.

  • When applicable, choose one option for findings.



I can ship internationally, but know that postage isn't cheap, and my products come in a variety of weights.


In order to lower costs for the most people, I do not offer flat rate shipping, nor is free shipping included in the price of items. I do not charge a separate handling fee; the shipping fee I charge is the cost to mail the item with Canada Post. You can see how much it costs to mail an item during checkout.

For domestic shipping within Canada, all parcels automatically come with tracking and letter mail does not.


For international shipping, tracking is not available.

Customers are responsible for all applicable duties and taxes.

Unfortunately, I can not accept returns. If there is an issue with your order, contact me at

Any product with an "Available Now!" ribbon is ready to ship; for custom items, please allow for production time, as well as shipping time, when ordering.

How To Charge Glow in the Dark Items

How To Charge Glow in the Dark Items

Expose the item to bright sunlight or artificial UV light. The brighter and longer the exposure, the better the glow.

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